Day 1: My New Diary!

welcome to my diary. I chose it from the shop myself! The best bit of all was that I didn’t even have to use any of my pocket money because a diary is ‘educational’. Otter Keeper said it would be a good idea to have one so that I can practice my handwriting.

Day 2: The Big Chair, & Why Mondays Are Rubbish

Today is Monday! I usually try to avoid Mondays, but if you’re keeping a diary every day, this is quite hard. Mondays usually happen about once a week, right at the beginning. I hate Mondays. They are actually the worst day you can get ever! If you imagine the complete 100% opposite of a Friday, then you get a Monday.

Sitting On Sofa

Day 3: Different Types Of Friends

Today I’ve realised there are still two quite important people that I need you to meet: Teddy and Giraffe. My best friend in the whole world is Teddy, and my other friend is Giraffe. I do like Giraffe a lot, but Teddy is better, and I’ve known him the longest. I also need to let you know about celebrities…

Celebrity friendship

Day 4: Anagrams

Today got off to a bad start because Otter Keeper was doing a puzzle in his paper at breakfast and when we asked him to explain it to us, we ended up finding out all about anagrams even though we didn’t really want to.

Otter Annoyed At Anagrams

Day 5: An Anagram Free Day

Because we spent a lot of yesterday preoccupied with anagrams, I thought it would be a good idea to get everyone out into the garden for some fresh air today. Teddy went down the slide three times, and I helped Giraffe find a worm. I wish all days could be as productive as this.

Day 6: Excitement Management

Today I had an interesting chat with Teddy. We discussed how odd it is that Otter Keeper isn’t more excited about having his birthday in only a few days time! I know birthdays are more exciting for smaller people, but still…

Excitement Management

Day 7: Otter Keeper’s Birthday Goes A Bit Wrong

Today is Otter Keeper’s birthday! First I gave him the card I’d made. He loved it, which he should, because it was a very good card, I used all the Crayons. Then I gave him his present: a special Otter hamper containing lots of his favourite things. He said he was very relieved because he had been wondering where a lot of these things had got to. I thought this was a little ungrateful, but never mind.

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