Day 1: My New Diary!

Hello, person reading my diary! Before you go any further (for security reasons) I need you to take this simple test I’ve drawn in Crayon below.

Otter Diary

I’d also just like to check that you are holding this diary the right way up because once Giraffe read a whole book upside down and he was very confused for about a week.

Anyway, now that’s out of the way, welcome to my diary. I chose it from the shop myself! The best bit of all was that I didn’t even have to use any of my pocket money because a diary is ‘educational’. Otter Keeper said it would be a good idea to have one so that I can practice my handwriting. I’m not that good at writing, which is half because I’m an otter and half because I’m not anywhere near grown up yet.

Otter Keeper did also mention that if I keep my diary up for three weeks then I get five stars for my star chart on the fridge. If I told you I wasn’t writing this mostly for the stars, I probably wouldn’t be telling you the truth (I’ll tell you about the star chart soon because it’s a very important thing).

I am going to try really hard to write my diary every day, but being an otter I have lots of important things to do, so I can’t guarantee anything. I’ve decided that, because this is the very beginning of my diary, it might be a good idea to tell you a bit about me. It would be a shame if you managed to hold the book the right way up, but then still didn’t understand what you were reading.

I am Otter. And this is me, here!

As you can see, I am 100% an otter! You may think that’s a little odd, but if you do then you’re probably not an otter. I’m an otter and being an otter is perfectly normal for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I watch TV, so I do understand that there aren’t many otters that live in houses.It did actually use to bother me a little bit, but then Otter Keeper got me a book from the library about a talking bear called Paddington. He had things much worse.

Nobody really knows where I came from (not even Otter Keeper, and he usually knows EVERYTHING). Otter Keeper said that he found me in a box on his doorstep one day. He says back then I was very small. I’m still quite small now so I must have been REALLY small.

Now I will tell you about Otter Keeper. The first thing you should know is that probably nobody else calls him ‘Otter Keeper’ apart from me.

I love Otter Keeper more than anything in the world, but unfortunately he does spend too much of his time doing the following:

  • Being mean

  • Going on his computer to do ‘work’ (without me)

  • Watching the news/reading the paper

  • Telling me to stop singing at the post office

  • Not sharing his things with me

  • Not giving me stars for my star chart

As you can clearly see, he can be super annoying! But, nobody is perfect, and to be honest, Otter Keeper is very useful. It’s hard to be an otter without an Otter Keeper to look after you. Also, he pays for everything.

Anyway, I’ve been doing writing for ages now so I’m off to do something else. Bye.

Otter Signature