Otter Inventions

Do you ever get frustrated because you need a ‘thing’ to do something, but that ‘thing’ hasn’t been invented yet because everyone is too busy?  Well, I do and because I’m actually super good at cutting and sticking I’ve decided to make several Otter inventions to make everyone’s life a little easier!

OK, so I only have two inventions at the moment, but you have to remember I’m a very busy Otter. There will be more Otter inventions soon, I promise! If you have any ideas for an invention then please do let me know. I can add it to my list of ‘very important things to invent really soon’.

Anti-Spider Protection Vehicle2016-11-22T10:36:29+00:00
Anti-Climbing Suit2016-10-26T12:00:52+01:00
Dinosaur Dental Suit2016-10-26T12:00:52+01:00