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Hopefully you are reading this because you are looking for my Otter books! Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of all my books. It would make Teddy and I very happy if you bought one. We also think they will definitely make you smile a lot.

Also, I would like to also point out that Otter gives me a little extra pocket money each time we sell an Otter book. Although I wouldn’t want this to affect your decision, please bear in mind that my base rate pocket money is very low. And I also need a lot of new toys and art supplies at the moment.

Otter BOok Sales

I Am Otter

I Am Otter - My first Otter book

This is my first book, and I’m very fond of it because I’ve known it the longest. It explains all about me and also features my toast restaurant. All the best books are about toast restaurants.

“A bright and hilarious escapade about an otter who, bored while her owner’s at work, opens a toast restaurant.” Kirkus Starred review

“This fully realized picture book captures warmth, imagination, and playfulness in the character of Otter” School Library Journal

Otter in car

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Otter In Space

Otter in space - My second book

This Otter book is all about the time I went to outer space to bring back a moon rock. It’s a very exciting story, and it all started with a visit to the museum.

“Lively, giggle-producing proof that imaginative play is just as good as getting to the moon.” – Kirkus Starred review

“Another Aw-inspiring adventure with Otter.” – School Library Journal
Otter in space suit

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Otter Loves Halloween

Otter loves Halloween - My Halloween holiday book

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the whole year. This book is full of Halloween fun, and best of all Giraffe even gets to dress as a fairy! It’s a long story…

“Otter Keeper finds a way to ease her fears, and Otter has a good Halloween after all in this oh-so-relatable tale with irresistible illustrations.” – school library journal

“The joyful chaos of everyday life with a child (or otter) permeates Garton’s cartoons and should keep kids laughing from start to finish.” – Publishers weekly

Otter with pumpkin

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Otter Goes To School

Otter Goes To School - My book all about school

In this otter book I go to school! Well, I don’t actually go to a real school, but I start my own – which is much more fun. We needed a teacher, but luckily I am actually the best teacher ever (which I didn’t realise at first).

“Garton’s Otter is adorably roly-poly and just realistic enough to differentiate her from her stuffed pupils, and her droll expressions are spot-on.” – Kirkus

“Garton’s wry sense of humor and richly detailed artwork generate a steady steam of laughs.” – Publishers Weekly

Otter teacher

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