Finally, after a whole year (which is ages) of waiting, my next book is out! If you get a copy today then please do tell me and Teddy what you think. We love this book very, very much. It’s actually our favorite one yet! (I told Giraffe that his favorite had to be the first book, this way it wouldn’t feel left out.)

Otter In Space

Otter Keeper was chatting with me last night and explained that we have to try to sell as many copies of this book as we can. Apparently this isn’t so we get more pocket money, but if we sell enough copies then we will get to make more books! If anyone has clever ideas about how to sell books then do let us know! These are my ideas so far:

  • Request my book in your local book store. While you’re there tell them all about me. Why not bring props (toaster) to help explain? If they look confused, remember they are probably just excited.
  • Request my book at your local library. Requesting things at the library is always fun, and this way lots of people will get to find out about me and Teddy!
  • Buy a copy of my book as a present for someone else. If you don’t know someone else that would appreciate my book, buy it for them anyway and say Giraffe told you to do it and you haven’t got time to discuss things. At this point, suggest playing a game/watching a movie so things don’t get awkward.
  • Leave me reviews and ratings! Here are the links to where to do so: Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Goodreads.
  • Write about me on your blog/website/Facebook/Twitter. It would make an Otter and Teddy very happy!

If you can do any of the above, then let me and Teddy know so that we can say thank you! I have to go and run around the house and be excited for a bit now, today is a very ‘running around the house and being excited’ sort of day.


Otter In Space

‘Otter In Space’ Is available to buy online in places such as: Indiebound, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, BooksAMillion.