Why I Love Rain

otter in the rain

Rain actually is the best thing EVER! This is mainly because it’s so much fun but rain is also important for other reasons too, like keeping outside clean, or making rainbows happen.

I’m not really sure where the rain comes from. Otter Keeper says it’s from the clouds in the sky, but I’ve seen clouds that also come from our kettle in the kitchen. Otter Keeper has probably got things a bit wrong and I suspect that rain possibly comes from the kettle (or at least has something to do with it).

Teddy and I have made a note to investigate this theory. We plan to get all the pillows from the sofa, make a tower and see if we can reach the sky to see if there’s someone there who we can ask where rain comes from. Unfortunately, as of last Friday Otter keeper has put a ban on any pillow emigration from their room of origin. This will have to be a secret plan. I’ve put Teddy in charge – if anything goes wrong it’s his fault.

When you go out in the rain it’s quite important to wear special clothes. I have a special yellow coat that Keeper puts on me whenever it’s raining. Teddy doesn’t have a special coat, so Teddy has a bag. Sometimes I think Teddy is a bit jealous of my coat but I have little sympathy for him after he went exploring at the post office without me the other week. Besides, I’ve told him he looks very pretty in his bag. It’s a very nice bag.

Otter In Raincoat

But the best thing of all to do when it rains is to go outside in the ‘Rain Box’. When we think it might rain (like when Otter Keeper has just used the kettle to make tea) Teddy and I keep lookout at the window. If it does start raining we ask Otter Keeper if we can go outside in the ‘Rain Box’. He doesn’t always say yes but most of the time he does. Otter keeper gets me a cardboard box and cuts a little window in it for me and Teddy to look out at the rain from. He then puts it in the garden for us to go in! It’s so much fun because it’s all cosy and you can hear the sound of the rain on top of the little roof.

I really wish Otter Keeper would join me though – that’s the only sad thing. He says he wouldn’t fit in our box. I suggested that he find a really big box just for Otter Keepers. He thought about it for a while but then said that other people in the neighborhood might think he was a little strange. I don’t what he means … if Teddy and I had our way everyone would go out in their garden in boxes to enjoy the rain!

It’s stopped raining now which is a little sad but it’s OK because Teddy and I are off to make some more by switching the kettle on and off a few times.