Jurassic World

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a very special day because Otter Keeper finally took us to see Jurassic World! The ‘day’ bit of Tuesday went quite slowly because we had to wait for Otter Keeper to get home from work.

While we waited, Teddy, Giraffe, and I practised being at the cinema by sitting on the sofa with the curtains closed and the light off. I had to get some other friends from the toy box to help (you need more than 3 people in a cinema for it to be realistic) and it was then that I came up with the idea of taking an extra friend to the (real) cinema with us. This is Derek — Derek is a dinosaur, and so I thought the film would be quite relevant for him.Derek The DinosaAfter Otter Keeper got home, we had to have dinner, but no one was hungry. Instead, I did a lot of talking about dinosaurs and cinemas and got quite tired. Otter Keeper made me sit on the sofa for a bit and I had some juice and then everything was OK.

A few things went wrong when it was time to leave. Firstly, Derek couldn’t come. Otter Keeper said you can only take 2 friends to the cinema! I wasn’t aware of this rule, but seeing as Derek is only an extra friend, this wasn’t too much of a problem. Secondly, at the very last minute Giraffe suddenly announced that he didn’t have his cinema outfit on! It was a disaster, until Otter Keeper said he didn’t think Giraffe actually had a cinema outfit. I asked Giraffe if he was telling the truth and it turns out he wasn’t. So, after that we all (minus Derek) got into the car.

In the cinema I sat next to Otter Keeper on one side and Giraffe and Teddy on the other. We all got big bags of popcorn, apart from Giraffe and Teddy. Otter Keeper said that if they wanted popcorn they’d have to share mine. (Luckily, after a quick discussion, they both decided they didn’t like popcorn anymore.)

Otter In Cinema

Jurassic World was probably the best film EVER, but I’m not entirely sure because I didn’t watch much of it. I wasn’t scared, I just didn’t feel like watching for all of the time. There are other fun things to do in the cinema, like play with your tail or think about the weekend. I really definitely wasn’t scared, though. Did you know that in real life dinosaurs don’t eat otters? I checked this with Otter Keeper a lot during the film. But not because I was scared, because I wasn’t scared… like I said.

When we got home, even though I really wasn’t scared of the film at all one tiny little bit, I decided it would be safer for everyone if Derek was restrained from now on. I felt a little bad, but Derek said he didn’t really mind because he was only an extra friend anyway.

Derek Restrained