He’s tall and lots of fun – but then it gets complicated.

Firstly, Giraffe is fantastic and he is definitely probably my second best friend. He’s very good at coming up with plans, and he’s useful to have around – most of the time. However, sometimes Giraffe can be naughty. When things go wrong, he’s almost certainly in the same room. Otter Keeper says this is because I always take him everywhere with me, but we all know that has nothing to do with it.

But on a good day, Giraffe is great fun. He likes dressing as a fairy, working as a chef in the toast restaurant and he once spent a whole night in the garden by himself (Which was an accident).

Giraffe getting gold stars for good behaviour
Giraffe In Mission Control

Things He’s Very Good At

  • Getting ME into trouble
  • Spending the night in the garden (nobody had any idea where he was for a whole day!)
  • Doing Giraffe impressions. He practices every day.
  • Making other people look competent.

Things He’s Very Bad At

  • Getting excited about my birthday.
  • Explaining himself
  • Playing hide and seek (height issues)
  • Doing as he’s told
  • Not drawing on the walls with the red crayon.

My favourite stories featuring Giraffe

Giraffe’s Skills

Getting other people (Otters) into trouble. The bar doesn’t go high enough 100/100
Maths. Yep, nobody know why, but he’s excellent at the calculator 77/100
Excellent at scarf modelling 96/100
Being the first to realise it’s raining 80/100
Being a periscope 99/100