Day 7: Otter Keeper’s Birthday Goes A Bit Wrong

Today is Otter Keeper’s birthday! First I gave him the card I’d made. He loved it, which he should, because it was a very good card, I used all the Crayons.

Then I gave him his present: a special Otter hamper containing lots of his favourite things. He said he was very relieved because he had been wondering where a lot of these things had got to. I thought this was a little ungrateful, but never mind.

Finally, I told him that he would have to wait until he got back from work to get his main present. At this point I wondered if Giraffe had said something to him, because Otter Keeper made me promise that I wasn’t planning on making him a cake again like last year. I used my ‘not making a cake’ face and told him I would be busy watching Disney films all day.

After waving goodbye to Otter Keeper from the window we got to work on the cake. First, Giraffe and Teddy helped me get all the things out of the cupboards in the kitchen. Getting things out of cupboards is one of my favourite things to do ever, and it also means you can easily work out what ingredients you have for a cake.

Cake making started off really well, but we ran into a problem when we got to the cake bit because no one knew how to make a cake without Otter Keeper (which was actually the same problem we had last year). We put a few things into a bowl and mixed everything around and the cake was almost finished, but then we ran into an even bigger problem: Otters are totally, completely never ever allowed to use the oven by themselves. How can an Otter bake a cake without an oven? Luckily, I came up with a clever idea and we ended up using the hairdryer to cook our cake instead. This was fun for a bit, but it took ages, so then everyone sort of just wandered off to watch The Little Mermaid.

When Otter Keeper got home that evening and started shouting in the kitchen, we had actually completely forgotten that we were making him a cake. In fact, we were half way through watching The Little Mermaid. We all tried doing the ‘not making a cake’ face again, but this time it seemed to have no effect. Everyone got sent to bed early and we’re going to have to finish off watching The Little Mermaid tomorrow. I’m a little bit annoyed with Otter Keeper because you shouldn’t ever get in trouble for making cakes.

But… because it’s his birthday, I’ve decided to compromise and write a sorry note. I spelled the important part as an anagram, which made it easier to write.

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