This week started off with what me and Teddy thought was terrible news. But then it wasn’t actually terrible news after all. You see we were watching TV, when suddenly, out of the blue the man said that Prince William was going to marry KATE! This was particuarly hard to understand because me and Teddy think Prince William is fantastic! why on earth would he marry our horrible next door neighbour!?

We immediately found Otter Keeper (Teddy was in a terrible state of concern) and fortunately he explained that Prince William is actually getting married to a completely different Kate. This made everything ok, and meant that me and Teddy were still huge fans of the royal family.

This was a happy ending but the event did highlight the need for a chart to identify Kates. This way if you meet one you can tell if it’s dangerous or not. Otter Keeper says all Kates are nice (even our next door neighbour). Otter Keeper is very VERY silly.

However, I’ve forgiven him because upon our request he has made us this chart. It’s not designed exactly as we wanted it… but it could still be of some use to anyone who might meet a Kate. And from what me and Teddy have learnt this week… there are lots of Kates (it gets quite confusing!)

how to identify a Kate

Also I should mention that this week our Toasting Support Hotline will also be a Kate Advice Line. Due to the seriousness of Kate identification this service will be free, and will continue to be so until the royal wedding is out of the way. This period will obviously be a very testing time for identifying Kates.