The best friend an Otter could ever have!

Teddy is my most important and bestest friends of all! I’ve known him for a very long time and he’s a really great friend for lots of reasons.

Apart from being funny and kind, Teddy is also really good at learning new things. I have to help him out a lot, but I don’t mind all that much because that’s what best friends are for. Also, he shares his pocket money with me.

Last Tuesday, when I accidentally drew on my face with the red pen, he said we could blame it on him. A good friend never minds being blamed for a colouring accident.

Otter hugging teddy

Things Teddy Is Very Good At

  • Taking the blame for things.
  • Staying really still
  • Helping Otters
  • Oragami (Unconfirmed, I think someone may be helping him)

Things Teddy Is Very Bad At

  • Getting excited about my birthday.
  • Dancing, and moving around in general
  • Helping Otters
  • Drying off after a bath

Teddy’s Skills

Playing Hide and Seek 88/100
Remembering important things 63/100
Helping to look after Giraffe 62/100 (Sometimes)
Adding up big numbers without any help 80/100 (He's not really this good, but I felt mean)
Being Teddy 99/100