The other morning at breakfast me and Teddy were busy discussing fun things to do while Otter Keeper was at work. We had decided on colouring in, looking at the new space book and doing some roly polies. But then all of a sudden Teddy looked really sad – it had just dawned on him that there was a real lack of support for roly poly technique. He had spotted that there may be people out there who were bad at roly polying, or worse still, had never even done a roly poly. Teddy had a good point. So after giving him a hug to cheer him up, we decided to make this guide.

We really hope our guide is useful. If you are not already a regular roly polyer make sure you do at least one roly poly each day (use our guide to help). Me and Teddy find the right balance is about 3-4 roly polies spread out throughout the day (but don’t do roly polies when it is very near to bed time as this can annoy Otter Keeper?).

Roly Poly Help Sheet