otter and star chart

How NOT to use an Otter Star Chart

Sometimes things happen and you don’t know why. A good example of this would be last week when according to Otter Keeper mine and Teddy’s behaviour was “unacceptable”. Now I didn’t think we had been particualy bad last week. I suppose we did hold the first ever sofa bouncing championships, and naturally an exciting occasion like this does entail some mess. However, I specifically pointed out to Otter Keeper that I had delegated the job of tidying up to Teddy, and it’s really not my fault if he doesn’t do as he’s told.

There were other things too. Otter Keeper wasn’t happy that he had tripped over a half built Kate trap that had been left in the hallway. OH and I also found out last week that posting presents to the postman the opposite way out of the little otter door is “very naughty”, but I was only being nice, I wanted to give him something “useful” (Otter Keeper told me “useful” presents are one of the best types you can give)… and I thought he should have our TV remote control, it was the most useful thing I could think of.

After we had our talk Otter Keeper then explained the star chart to me. The Star Chart lives on the fridge and basically if you don’t do “bad” things then you get stars. If you get enough stars then you get an Otter treat! (he wouldn’t tell me what it is, but apparantly I do have to share it with Teddy – which is a bit annoying)

At first I liked the star chart and Otter Keeper very kindly gave me a few stars to “get things going”. After a while of looking at the star chart and explaining it to Teddy I decided I wanted to do something else… and this was where the problems with the star chart began.

You see it turns out you can’t do anything fun when you have a star chart! it causes real problems for most otter activities and it soon became clear that doing things in secret was the only option. It was around that time that teddy hit upon the idea of changing the sofa bouncing olympics to the bed bouncing olympics. But Otter Keeper found us, and we actually got one of our “getting things going” stars taken away!

So the other day when Keeper was at work me and Teddy made a plan which was a bit more his idea than mine. We found where Otter Keeper keeps the stars and then between us managed to scale the fridge to stick them in place (it’s not that hard to climb the fridge if you know how to do it – and me and Teddy do because we have to do a lot of climbing when we go exploring). Anyway, this way I could explain to Otter Keeper that whilst he had been at work we had been trying extra hard and actually managed to achieve all the star chart goals in just one day! He would be really proud, we would receive our prize and hopefullly that would be the end of the star chart. It was really a very clever plan.

Sadly our plan didn’t work and now there is a new line on the star chart “leave the star chart alone”. I pointed out this would be more accurate if it said “Teddy must leave the start chart alone” … but Otter Keeper pointed to point number three “don’t blame things on Teddy”. I pointed out that Otter Keeper was being unreasonable and mean.

Lots of pointing went on actually…. and in the end I decided that star charts are really hard and confusing … I also have a theory that Kate invented them. But I think it’s best I don’t talk to Otter Keeper about this for the moment.
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