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Hi, I am Otter, and this is my website!

I’m glad you’ve come to my website, I didn’t make it myself because I’m not that good at using the big computer, so Otter Keeper had to do most of the work. Don’t worry, I did help by sitting on the back of the chair and doing lots of talking. I also spilt his coffee a few times, which wasn’t particularly helpful but to be fair I was very excited.
P.S Otter Keeper is currently working on the site, so it is a bit messy for now.

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Jurassic World

Jurassic World Yesterday (Tuesday) was a very special day because Otter Keeper finally took us to see Jurassic World! The 'day' bit of Tuesday went quite slowly because ...Read more

Attic Mission Is GO!

Attic Mission Is Go This Saturday, at exactly 20 minutes after lunch... the Attic Mission finally happened!!! After waiting for such a long time, Teddy and I ...Read more

Latest Otter Inventions

Otter Inventions – clever solutions to the common problems we all face. It’s frustrating when you need a thing that hasn’t been invented yet, but don’t worry, I’m on the case. For a full list visit my Inventions page.

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Things people say about me

Garton’s cartoon-style digital illustrations are rich with clear, medium-saturation colors, with shading and texture as highlights.

Hysterical. (Picture book. 3-6)

Kirkus ReviewsKirkus
There’s a lovely dimensionality and sense of physical comedy in Garton’s digitally created artwork. Combined with Otter’s winning brand of self-importance, it’s plenty to propel her into future adventures.
Publishers Weekly LogoPublishers Weekly
This fully realized picture book captures warmth, imagination, and playfulness in the character of Otter
School Library Journal LogoSchool Library Journal

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