Otter searching for toys

The best thing about cereals (if you choose this as a breakfast option) is that you get free toys! That’s right, the people who make cereals actually put toys inside and you don’t have to pay for them – they come TOTALLY FREE with the cereal! Free cereal toys are the reason that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

When me and Teddy are allowed to decide which cereals to buy in the supermarket we actually choose the ones that come with the best toy. We keep this a secret because the cereal people would probably be very upset if they knew we were only buying their cereal for the free toy.  We don’t even tell Otter Keeper any more because it seems to annoy him too. He will start to talk about old packets of cereals not being eaten and stuff like that and it can get quite boring to be honest.

Anyway every now and then a cereal toy comes along that is much better than any other cereal toy that has come before it, and unfortunately with the way cereal toys work, this can cause a huge problem. The problem comes from the fact that clearly once you know about an amazing toy (a wonderful yellow Frisbee in this case) you obviously need to play with it as soon as possible, yet the only way to get to a cereal toy… is through the cereal.

Me and Teddy tried many ways to get through cereal faster but it’s quite hard, multiple breakfast times were not allowed and giving cereal away to the postman was also frowned upon.  One morning Teddy (in sheer desperation as he REALLY wants the Frisbee) even decided to help the cause by requesting to have 8 helpings of cereal in one go! Otter Keeper put a stop to this and told me off when I was helping him pour it into his bowl – as you can imagine I did point out that this wasn’t my idea and I was only helping a friend.

Eventually we felt enough was enough and made a plan to extract the Frisbee whilst Otter Keeper was at work. Part of the plan was to put all the cereal back into the boxes afterwards so Otter Keeper wouldn’t know anything about it. He has enough to think about at the moment because the light bulb in the hallway stopped working this week so he doesn’t need any more stress.

Sadly our plan then went wrong. Firstly there was no Frisbee in any of the packets, just another ball and a bike reflector and we already have these. Secondly repackaging the cereal was harder than it looked (the plastic bags bulge out and won’t fit back in the boxes)  me and Teddy know bad design when we see it so we decided to write a letter to the cereal people to explain the problem. However writing letters is also quite hard and Teddy suggested at this point we do some sofa bouncing. This all ended up with part of the plan not getting finished (the bit where we put the cereal back in its packets)

This was unfortunate because when Otter Keeper got home he was quite cross and we had to put all the cereal into special containers to keep it fresh. This was actually quite a fun game (but we didn’t tell Otter Keeper that). I made Teddy say sorry lots and I think everything is OK now. I still haven’t got my Frisbee and this makes me a little sad. However, I’m going to write that letter to the cereal people suggesting they improve their packaging and the plan is to ask them for the yellow Frisbee in return for my advice. I think that plan will work, wish me luck.