No.4 – The Recycling Box (8.7 out of 10)

The green recycling box is really great and we’ve scored it an 8.7! Its high score is deserved because it’s a good example of a household object that has one use for Otters and several (unexplained and less important) uses for Otter Keepers. For me the recycling box is quite obviously a pirate ship, but Otter Keeper’s relationship with the recycling box is altogether more… strange.

green recycling box

The other day Otter Keeper said “The recycling box has the power to save the world”. Now you must understand He doesn’t usually say things that are anywhere near this exciting. Our theory is that this outburst can be put down to the fact that (although he won’t admit it) Otter Keeper clearly wants to be a superhero and has ear-marked the green box as his future sidekick. Me and Teddy both think this is a very strange choice. Teddy also wants to know why Otter Keeper obviously has really fun ideas yet refuses to share them with his friends! To be honest, why not just join in with us and be a pirate? – me and Teddy already played super heroes last week and it just seems like he’s being awkward.

The worst thing of all is that when Otter Keeper isn’t indulging in his bizarre superhero fantasies about the box he actually thinks it’s ok to fill it with his rubbish. Why can’t he load us up with useful supplies Rather than empty packets which are useless to an Otter and Teddy on long voyages. Honestly, me and Teddy despair sometimes. This behaviour will do nothing to further his career as a superhero and it certainly does nothing to help those of us at sea. So why do it?

Me and Teddy have to go now we’re going to throw some of the annoying Otter Keeper additions to the boat overboard. This was Teddy’s idea, he’s a very ruthless pirate you see and he gets quite bad tempered when he’s been at sea for too long.


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