This has been the best week EVER, and the reason for this is simple… SNOW! Not many people know where snow comes from, but me and Teddy do. It comes from the freezer which lives in our kitchen. Sometimes snow escapes from the freezer and goes outside. This process has something to do with science. (Me and Teddy are very good at science)

This week the snow escaped! Teddy says it wasn’t him and when I accused Otter Keeper he just laughed (he doesn’t agree with our snow theory because he’s not very good at science) anyway – when the snow escapes the most important thing to do is to build a snowman.

Otter in the snow

I couldn’t wait to build a snowman, but you do have to remember that snow can be very cold. This is why Otter Keeper dressed me up in very warm Otter gear designed especially to keep an Otter warm when they are put out in the snow on important missions to build snowmen.

We definitely made the best snowman EVER! we gave him a carrot for a nose (which is a good use for a carrot because they are almost as horrible as brussel sprouts). He’s a very friendly snowman and he’s called Harold. Otter Keeper explained to me and Teddy that Harold won’t last very long because he will probably melt (like Teddy’s ice cream does when he takes too long to eat it – Teddy is a VERY slow eater) and this is why I have come up with a clever plan (based on science).

Me and Teddy are going to transfer Harold back to where he belongs. I know he’ll be very happy in the freezer because this is technically his home (it’s where he came from). He won’t ever melt or get lonely because me and Teddy will open the door and talk to him at least once a day.

We will be moving Harold to his new home tomorrow when Otter Keeper is at work. Both me and Teddy have a feeling he would find some silly (unscientific reason) to object if we did it when he was around. And besides, it will be a lovely surprise to find Harold in the freezer when he’s not expecting to bump into a friend.
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