New Strategical Otter Outpost

Strategical Otter Outpost

Yesterday Otter Keeper was at work as usual, so Teddy and I decided to go exploring. Although we’ve been exploring many times before, it still doesn’t get boring because we always seem to find new places and exciting things. I’m actually the best explorer, in fact,  sometimes Teddy really doesn’t seem to want to come and I have to tie him to me using a bit of string. Otter Keeper says that Teddy prefers a quiet life in front of the TV, but Otter Keeper is wrong – he doesn’t understand Teddy like I do.

Exploring started off well. We found a few interesting items that might really useful for important things (I’m not sure what yet) later on. We also found some secret documents and Otter plans under the sofa which we had completely forgotten about. I told Teddy off for this. It was almost certainly him that had left them there and if these plans were to fall into the wrong hands it would be a disaster!

After a while we found ourselves in the kitchen. The Kitchen is one of my favourite rooms in the whole house – we have very exciting things in our kitchen like special machines to do things. I’ve always been quite fond of one Otter Keeper calls the washing machine. Usually it makes lots of noise and turns round. But today it was a perfect little room – just the right size for a Otter Strategical Outpost!

Teddy kept watch outside while I tried the room for size, it was perfect! I then shut the secret door. Shutting the door wasn’t a problem until I found out that I couldn’t open it again. It was then that I realised the Strategical Otter Outpost wasn’t that great after all!

Otter Trapped

Frustratingly, I had to sit inside the Strategical Otter outpost for the rest of the day! Teddy was useless, he panicked and was too shocked to let me out. I told him again and again to go and call Otter Keeper on the big phone (I’m allowed to phone him in emergencies – and this was an emergency). He wouldn’t do it. Eventually Otter Keeper did come home and he heard me little tapping on the outpost door. It wasn’t all bad because Otter Keeper seemed very relieved I was OK, I got a big cuddle. We also had a talk and I had to agree to do a little less exploring in the kitchen.

Tonight we’re watching a film together and I’m very happy about this. Actually I say ‘we’ are watching a film, but a certain someone is not going to be watching the film with us: Teddy! I’m fed up with his lack of exploration assistance skills, so I’ve put him down the side of the bed for the evening to think about what he’s done. Hopefully this will have the desired effect. Especially seeing as we’re watching the Lion King, which is one of Teddy’s favourites.