Out of all the ‘Best Days Ever’ that we’ve had, today is the best one yet! – even Otter Keeper agrees! This is because we have just signed a deal with some very important people that make books (HarperCollins) and this means we will soon have a real book! (This also means me and Teddy will be famous).

When we first got the news I was a bit confused, so Otter Keeper sat down and explained everything to me. I didn’t understand most of it but Otter Keeper was so happy I didn’t mind. He then said we mustn’t let the fame go to our heads and become big headed, which was also a bit of a strange thing to say. However, this is apparently an unfortunate thing that can happen to you when you get famous.

I thought about everything for a while and decided that, as a precaution I had better measure Teddy’s head each day to make sure it isn’t getting any bigger. I don’t mind doing this, because measuring things (especially your friends’ heads) is always a fun thing to do. When I discussed this plan with Otter Keeper he found it really funny and at this point I also got a cuddle, which came at a good time because I was getting REALLY confused.

Otter Keeper says the first book will not be finished for a while yet, and this is a little sad. Otter Keeper is really good at colouring in, so why would it take this long?  I’ve asked him but he just says making a real book takes time.

The good news is, I’m going to show Otter Keeper that publishing a book should not be as confusing or take as long as he says it does. I’ve decided to publish my own Otter book. It’s going to be called ‘Otter’s Best Book Ever’ and I’m going to be publishing it myself next Wednesday using our printer. It’s a great plan and when I told Otter Keeper he laughed at me again.. and I got yet another cuddle.

So it turns out that although being famous can be really confusing, it’s actually a great thing because not only is it really easy to make other people laugh, you also get more cuddles than usual! If this is what being famous is like I may be beginning to understand why we are now expecting Teddy’s head to get bigger soon.

In fact I had better go and take a measurement of Teddy’s head now. I need to keep an eye on it as it would be very hard to go exploring under the sofa if Teddy’s head got much bigger. Otter Keeper says some famous people can get REALLY big heads.

teddy head measuring chart