Look, here it is! Our I Am Otter book cover! I love it for SO many reasons. It’s obviously been very well designed. (I know this because I am right in the middle of it!) It’s also yellow, and although yellow isn’t my favourite crayon, it’s a brilliant colour for a book. As soon as Otter Keeper showed me, I insisted (after lots of jumping on the sofa, of course) that we all rate it out of 10. And guess what? We all gave the new Otter book cover 10/10—even Teddy, and he’s not very good at rating things!
I hope you like my book cover as much as I do! Teddy and I are going to spend the day looking at it and asking Otter Keeper lots and lots of questions. He gave me a funny look when I told him this… I think it was relief, as he was probably worried he wouldn’t be able to come up with something fun to do for the day!

Oh! And, after seeing the cover, the day got even better when we remembered it was time to choose winners for our competition! This went really, really well… apart from one thing: We were sad that we couldn’t pick more winners. We had over 700 entries and lots of people wrote some very kind things to us. It seems really unfair that we can’t send everyone a book, but congratulations to the three people who DID win! They are: Teresa Nguyen, Gina Carbone, and Delilah Dawson!


Thank you SO much to everyone who entered! And don’t worry, Teddy and I have decided that next we’re going to invent a competition where everyone wins! Otter Keeper says if everyone wins, then it’s not a competition… but he’s just being difficult (he must be over-excited about the book cover). We don’t need to listen to him.