otter at the natural history museum

Best Otter Outing EVER!!

You won’t believe where we went last week …a place called the Natural History Museum (just so you know, this is actually the best place in the world ever). To understand this place you first have to know what history is, and history is basically anything that has happened already, like last Tuesday for example, last Tuesday is now history. Some history is more interesting than other history though (last Tuesday was quite boring as Teddy was sleepy and we didn’t get any exploring done). Interesting history is kept at the Natural History Museum* and that’s why Otter Keeper took us there for an Otter outing!!
*information courtesy of Otter Keeper – he had to explain this several times and I think I’ve got it right.

Being at a museum is incredibly exciting for an otter and as a result I did get into trouble a few times. Otter Keeper told me all about a special man called Charles Darwin and there was a statue of him. Darwin apparently had a clever idea about a thing called evolution. Keeper spent a long time trying to explain this to me… and believe me it is VERY confusing (you probably wouldn’t understand). Basically Evolution is why Teddy is a good explorer. You see Teddy’s grandparents for example probably didn’t have arms and legs to get about under the sofa or go on important missions around the house with their otter friends – but because these skills are a very important part of being a teddy, over time they eventually grew them! see how clever evolution is?

Anyway, I wanted to get a closer look at this Darwin man… So I went to see Darwin and talk to him. This is not allowed in the museum though (they are very protective of Mr. Darwin) so I didn’t get time to ask him how I could speed up evolution more for Teddy so he could grow wings (I’ve always wanted teddy be able to fly, we’d be able to trap Kate no problem if he had wings, and I could get him to carry things too)

I had such a great day (even though I didn’t get to speak to Mr. Darwin properly) I saw lots of things, including a REAL dinosaur. Keeper said it wasn’t real, but I think he’s wrong. This one had skin and moved where as all the others were skeletons. Teddy was a bit scared, but I wasn’t

Otter in gift shop

I also have to make a special mention of the gift shop! Otters love gift shops, they are full of very useful and essential things for people to buy and take home. I discovered a very important dinosaur head on a stick, that I knew we just could NOT live without, and luckily, for once Otter Keeper agreed! I love the dinosaur head on a stick, it’s very useful. I’m sure it could really come in handy in an emergency! I’m planning on showing it to the postman tomorrow.

I’ve told Teddy he can’t play with it until he can fully explain evolution to me (although I understand it – I think he has yet to get a firm grasp of it – I want him to understand, to make him clever and then his “future will be bright” – I saw something about this on tv and if Teddy is stupid he might not get a good job. I want Teddy to be a lawyer (as well as grow wings through evolution) as I think these skills may be of use to us in defeating Kate).

Anyway the only strange thing is that for some reason (after initially seeming enthusiastic) Otter Keeper himself seems to have taken a completely unfounded dislike to my new dinosaur head on a stick. Me and Teddy just can’t work this out?

We are hoping if we keep playing with it around him whilst he’s tying to watch TV he will eventually evolve to like dinosaur heads on sticks. And that is what we plan to do for the rest of the evening as it’s been a long (but very amazing) day.

otter playing

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