About Otter (me!)

The most important Otter ever…

There is an awful lot to say about me but Otter Keeper says I talk to much, so for now I will just tell you the story of how I got here. Or as you’ll find out – the story of how no one actually knows how I got here but it doesn’t really matter all that much.

Otter In Box

Recently lots of people have been asking me where I came from. I’ve tried to answer, but Otter Keeper says they don’t mean which room I just came from (usually the living room where I’ve just been colouring in). They actually mean where I came from in the first place (which is not even the bedroom where I woke up) – it’s all quite confusing. But luckily Otter Keeper has explained it all to me now so I can explain it to you..

Well it turns out that no one actually knows where I came from (not even Otter Keeper, and he usually knows EVERYTHING). Otter Keeper said that he found me in a box on his doorstep one day. He says back then I was very small. I’m still quite small now so I must have been REALLY small. I wish I’d made the most of being that small. I could have fitted in some really small places..

Otter size
Otter meeting teddy

Apparently I was quite scared of Otter Keeper at first. This was because back then I didn’t know he was Otter Keeper (that seems really silly now!). He was very kind though and he said he’d look after me – which was the best news ever! It was at this time that I met Teddy too. I knew me and Teddy would be great friends because we had so much in common (he’d just arrived at Otter Keeper’s house too!).

It’s really hard to imagine how it must have been back then. At that point I didn’t know what sofa bouncing was nor had I ever been exploring with Teddy… I hadn’t even ever had a birthday (and I’ve had two of them now!). But for now I’m very glad I turned up in my box. If not I’d have never met Otter Keeper and Teddy. And I think that would have made me a very sad otter.

Otter on sofa