Day 3: Different Types Of Friends

Today I’ve realised there are still two quite important people that I need you to meet: Teddy and Giraffe. My best friend in the whole world is Teddy, and my other friend is Giraffe. I do like Giraffe a lot, but Teddy is better, and I’ve known him the longest. Here is a picture of them both. Don’t worry, Giraffe always looks like that.

My best friend and my other friend

I do have other friends too, like Pig, robot and the fluffy ball thing, however, they are extra friends so they aren’t usually that important.

Otter's Extra Friends

I should also mention the people I know on TV, like The Queen (I LOVE The Queen). They aren’t proper friends. They are celebrities, and celebrities are very different because although you are their friend, they don’t actually know who you are.

Celebrity friendship

Anyway, today we didn’t do much apart from looking for treasure down the back of the sofa. Last week we found a pound, so everyone was really excited to look again today. We didn’t find anything, and I blame this on Giraffe because he got stuck and it distracted everyone. Giraffe is good at getting stuck and ruining plans. I forgot to mention that.

Otter Signature
Current mood:
Productive - now everyone knows who Giraffe and Teddy are.
Best Thing I Found Out Today:
I didn't find out anything new today. This happens sometimes, Otter Keeper says it's nothing to worry about.
Question Of The Day:
I need to find a way to communicate with celebrities. I have a lot of things I need to say to them.
Favourite friend of the day:
Everyone apart from Giraffe. he got stuck down the sofa and he knows he's not supposed to do that.
Today's score out of 10:
We didn't do all that much today, but that's not the day's fault, so I'm going to let it have a 6.5