my new friend

This week I made a new friend, his name is Monty… Monty is a moth. If you’ve never met a Moth before they are really great, they’re a bit like butterflies but without the colour and not quite as good (which is a bit of a shame). I think Monty would look very pretty if Otter Keeper would allow me to colour him in (he said I can’t!?)

Monty does have a bit of a problem though, he really REALLY likes our lamp. He likes it so much in fact that he’s actually been flying around it ever since we met him. Otter Keeper says this is normal behaviour for a moth.. and seeing as Monty is the only moth I know… I will have to conceed that Otter Keeper is right.

If you think about it, it’s actually quite understandable to run around something you like if you really REALLY like it. I love the park and often run around it… which is sort of the same thing. They also have rides in the park that go round and round … and that’s quite similar also.

You shouldn’t think about these things too much because it’s science and science can get really confusing. But the bottom line is if you like something…you should probably run around it so that everyone knows how much you like it.

I’m off with Teddy to go and run around Otter Keeper now because we really like him. Somehow I think this may annoy him but it serves him right because of what he said:

“you can’t colour in moths Otter, they are far too delicate.”

Otter Keeper KNOWS how good I am at colouring  in (I hardly ever go over the lines anymore – and if I do it’s usually down to bad advice from Teddy) – so it’s just him being mean again!