No.1 The thing inside the box (11.3 out of 10)

Deciding on your absolute favourite household object for the whole week is really hard. I was beginning to lean towards the idea that Otter Keeper was my favourite household object until yesterday, when an amazing birthday related thing happened. A BIG otter present appeared in the living room! Although me and Teddy won’t find out what’s in it until my birthday, we already just know it WILL be our favourite household object.

the present

Otter Keeper said that having the present as my number 1 favourite object wasn’t really the idea of the game, but although Otter Keeper thinks he knows everything about games and competitions – he doesn’t. It’s a bit hard to be mean to him at the moment though because he’s doing important Otter birthday things.

I gave my present a very high score (11.3 – which is the highest score possible for anything ever). Me and Teddy have also been been trying very hard to work out what’s inside. Teddy says it’s an elephant on account of it being so big (but Teddy’s just saying that because it’s the only big thing he knows about). To be fair to him he is very excited at the moment – I’ve had to put him under the sofa pillow to calm down.

Sadly It’s now the end of household object marking week, and this makes me a little upset until I remember that it’s now only 1.5 DAYS UNTIL MY OTTER BIRTHDAY! Apparently there will be a special Otter story on my birthday (on Sunday) so preferably get a little party hat, sit at your computer, and wait for it to arrive. Yay. I can’t wait, and we all get to find out what the number 1 household object actually IS too!!

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