Top 5 Otter Household Objects

At the moment everything is quite simply brilliant! Otter Keeper broke the news to me a few days ago that it is in fact my Otter birthday next Sunday (that’s 6 days from now!) this is just fantastic news. Teddy was speechless and I just feel I want to hug Otter Keeper all the way till Sunday now (but that wouldn’t be allowed – he has “things to do”).

The problem me and Teddy are facing is the fact that 6 days is ages. I got quite distressed when I thought about how long this actually was, so asked Otter Keeper for advice. When I’m really excited Otter Keeper tells me to mark things out of 10 because it helps keep me calm. He suggested that we spend the week doing some marking and come up with our top 5 household objects to tell everyone about. It was a great idea and almost as exciting as my Otter birthday itself. Well, today is Monday so here is the first one.

No.5 – The laptop (8.5 out of 10)

The laptop is just amazing and both me and Teddy felt it deserved a very commendable 8.5 out of 10. One of the great things about the laptop is if you get cold you can sit on it to warm up (only when there is no Otter Keeper around though). However, when something goes wrong (which sometimes happens when I have been sitting on it for warmth actually?) it comes up with a little message and tells me and Teddy to contact our system administrator. This confused us at first and we spent a long time looking for him. We now know that the system administrator is another name for Otter Keeper. Me and Teddy contact him and he sorts things out so we can go back to having fun on the laptop.

otter laptop

The laptop is really clever (maybe even cleverer than Otter Keeper) but it’s not super human. Last month it got sick and Otter Keeper had to buy an anti-virus program. I asked if me and Teddy could use this too because it can put a real dampener on exploring if you get ill but he said it doesn’t work on Otters – which is a shame. I think the laptop isn’t quite fully recovered yet as it’s still getting quite tired. This is why if you leave it alone for too long and go to play with something else it goes to sleep!

Me and Teddy have to go now. We need to wait for the postman to ask him how he feels about emails – we’re concerned he might be a bit jealous of them due to the nature of his work, and we need to check everything is out in the open between him and the laptop. Anyway I’m sure everything will be ok so don’t worry and don’t go too far either because we have our next exciting household object review tomorrow!

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