Day 4: Anagrams

Today got off to a bad start because Otter Keeper was doing a puzzle in his paper at breakfast and when we asked him to explain it to us, we ended up finding out all about anagrams even though we didn’t really want to.

If you don’t know what anagrams are, they are basically words where the letters are in the wrong order on purpose (yes, that is silly). I’m super confused now, because I don’t know if I am bad at spelling, or just really good at anagrams?

Otter Annoyed At Anagrams

My advice would be: If you are not a spelling expert, stay away from anagrams. This is what they look like. Beware.

nramagsA are hte orwst ntiivenon erve!

Giraffe says he understands anagrams, which annoyed me because he clearly has no idea about anagrams. And that is why I made this picture…


Anyway, I’m going to go now. I’m off to sit under the sofa where the anagrams can’t find me.

Otter Signature