Day 5: An Anagram Free Day

Because we spent a lot of yesterday preoccupied with anagrams, I thought it would be a good idea to get everyone out into the garden for some fresh air today. Teddy went down the slide three times, and I helped Giraffe find a worm. I wish all days could be as productive as this.

Otter On Slide

The other important thing about today was that for tea, we had fish fingers, which were nice. I like fish fingers. Also, Did you know that fish fingers are not actually a real fish? It’s confusing, but we saw a TV programme all about the ocean so we understand that ‘the ocean is full of mysteries’.

Even though fish fingers aren’t real fish I’ve decided to set some free in the bath anyway, to see what happens. I love experiments, and this seems like a really clever one. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Fish Finger

Also, did you also know that it is actually in fact Otter Keeper’s birthday in two days? Well, it is!

Otter Signature