The Garden Centre

Otter in Garden centre trolly

At the weekend me and Teddy got some great news: Otter Keeper was taking us on a special trip to The Garden Centre!

If you own a garden then The Garden Centre is very important. The bigger your garden the more you should visit The Garden Centre, and the more of your pocket money you should probably spend on plants (but if you have no garden at all, you shouldn’t come because you might get bored). Me and Teddy think buying plants is a great thing to do! But for us, by far the most important activity at The Garden Centre is riding in the specially designed trolley.

Now, If you think riding in a supermarket trolley is fun (which everyone does), then you MUST try out a garden centre trolley, they are a superior model in every way. The unique design can cover larger distances, go faster and have space for not only plants but also a driver AND their best friend/co-pilot! To top it all, they’re very easy to control which conveniently leaves the pilot free to give advice on which flowers are the prettiest and should be purchased.

The only annoying thing about our trip was that after a lot of free advice was given to Otter Keeper to help him buy the best plants, he then refused to buy me and Teddy sweets at the checkout! He said we had to get home for tea and refused to see how ungrateful he was being! At this point we had to get out of the trolley and leave that behind too, which really didn’t help.