me waiting to meet santa

Unless you’ve been very busy recently or been watching something really good on TV, you’ll probably know it’s Christmas day tomorrow. This is obviously the best news ever and it means Santa is coming tonight. You probably also know that Teddy and I have been trying to meet Santa for several years now.

For a moment the other day we actually thought we HAD met Santa. We got taken to the shopping centre place and all of a sudden there he was! He was sitting at the bit where they usually have the fountain giving presents to children. But then Otter Keeper said this wasn’t the real Santa! Which was really just about the most disappointing thing that has ever happened ever.

It’s now even more important that Teddy and I meet the real Santa because we need to inform him about the impostor at the shopping centre. People shouldn’t pretend to be other people! Otter Keeper says it’s OK sometimes, like if you’re an actor on TV.  But I think even they should try to refrain from pretending as it can just confuse people.

So this year, out of urgent necessity, we’ve come up with a really clever and well thought out plan to rendezvous with Santa. It’s a great plan, and it was all my idea. I’m very clever. We would tell you what it is but it’s got to be secret… and you might tell Santa.

(lots of love – Otter, Teddy and Otter Keeper) XXXX