Party Directions

Sorry everyone, Teddy forgot to include directions to the party in yesterday’s story! This was an oversight on his behalf and he wants to apologise to everyone. He was in charge of directions. I wasn’t. My only crime was to trust Teddy.

I’ve explained to him that It’s important to know where a party is, so that you know where to go. You don’t want to end up in the wrong place, especially when you’ve been looking forward to a really fun party.

Luckily I’ve made this useful map using crayons. Make sure you print it out before you leave, I’m not supposed to pick up the house phone so I won’t be able to provide additional directional assistance on the big day. If you look carefully at the map, our party can be found on the right, marked in red crayon.

See you all soon!
Otter + Teddy
(Official party organisers)