Spider Training

This past week, Teddy and I have been very busy preparing for the Attic Mission. We’ve held regular Q&A sessions with Otter Keeper, to find out as much as we can about the attic. These sessions have been very useful and we have learnt a lot! For example, did you know that Christmas decorations are stored in the attic? This means that it is technically Christmas all year round up there! (It could also mean it’s where Santa lives…)

However, in Friday’s Q&A (our least favourite so far), we found out that although there is a chance Santa may live in our attic, there is a much better chance that there are spiders up there. This is bad news because Teddy is very scared of spiders. I’ve had to come up with an additional spider-training module, at very short notice.


Phase one went well. I drew a picture of a spider and told Teddy that spiders are really not very scary, and he felt a lot better. We discussed spiders a lot and developed an important theory: spiders are scared of Glowsticks. Otter Keeper said this wasn’t the case, but he later admitted he has never actually seen a spider when he’s been holding a Glowstick.

Phase two involved looking up spider pictures on the Internet. It turns out phase two was a very bad idea, and I now wish we hadn’t done phase two at all. Actually, I don’t really want to talk about phase two. Phase two ruined everything. I’m never doing a phase two of anything ever again. Ever!

Otter on laptop


I’m trying to be brave for Teddy, but the truth is the Attic Mission may have to be called off altogether. Unless, that is, I can come up with a really clever plan..