Attic Mission Is Go

This Saturday, at exactly 20 minutes after lunch… the Attic Mission finally happened!!! After waiting for such a long time, Teddy and I were very surprised when Otter Keeper made the announcement. All colouring-in for the afternoon was cancelled, and we had to prepare for a last minute departure. The mission was very exciting, but it didn’t go quite as planned…

Otter Attic Mission

The first problem we ran into was that Otter Keeper decided we couldn’t bring the Anti-Spider Protection Vehicle. Apparently, it was too big to fit through the attic hatch. This was a huge blow for me and Teddy, and we told Otter Keeper he was putting the entire mission into jeopardy. Then Otter Keeper said there would be no mission at all if we insisted on taking the A.S.P.V. so we decided to keep quiet.

Obviously, with the threat of spiders and without protection, I was forced to set up my command post at the top of the ladder. Teddy was sent into the attic to do research on the end of a string. From the data Teddy collected, and my observations from the command post, our important attic notes are as follows:

  • The rumours are not true: Santa does not live in the loft.
  • Spiders are cleverer than everyone thought. They designed attic hatches to be too small for otters to bring their Anti-Spider Protection Vehicles.
  • If you are an otter going to the attic, your legs WILL be too small for the ladder. Always bring an Otter Keeper to help carry you.
  • Tying Teddy to a string is surprisingly fun, and should be done more often.

I felt very sad when the Attic Mission was over and Otter Keeper carried us back down the ladder. However, I soon realised he was bringing someone else down with us! Otter Keeper said he’d found his old Teddy from years ago when he was small, and he thought maybe we’d like to meet him. This was great news — we hadn’t expected to make a new friend!

The rest of the day was spent getting to know ‘Cedric.’ He’s really friendly and has lots in common with Teddy. However, Teddy is being a bit rude. He refuses to talk to Cedric and won’t tell me why. I’ve told him not to be jealous, and that he will always be my best friend because I’ve known him the longest, but so far he’s stayed silent.

I hope Teddy and Cedric can resolve their issues soon. I wanted to make an attic presentation to Giraffe this evening, and this will be awkward if everyone’s not getting on.


Otter with new Teddy