Halloween is the best thing Ever!

Halloween is just AMAZING! I didn’t even know about it until last week when Otter Keeper explained it to me. On Halloween you get to dress up as something scary and then you can knock on people’s doors to scare them and ask for sweets! I think anyone would agree this is the most amazing concept EVER!

I naturally got really quite overwhelmed by how much I loved Halloween (I got in trouble for “excess sofa bouncing”). Otter Keeper says if I really like something and NEED to know how much I like it I should mark it out of 10 (I love doing this). If me and Teddy were marking Halloween out of 10 we decided we would definitely award it a 9.5 When I mark things out of 10 it helps calm me down you see.

After marking Halloween out of 10 I felt a bit calmer and was able to call a meeting with Teddy to discuss what we should dress up as. We both wanted to be something really REALLY scary, and It was quite hard to decide – the meeting went on for a long time and Teddy was very fussy about his costume.

Eventually (with Otter Keeper’s advice – he’s really good at Halloween things) I decided to dress up as a witch and we made Teddy into a scary Egyptian Mummy. Otter Keeper ruined things a bit by saying he wasn’t going to dress up – Teddy said this was very sad and a wasted opportunity, I did rather agree with him.

Rather annoyingly, after you have your costume ready you have to wait till it’s dark before you can go out and use it. This took ages and me and Teddy got quite impatient. Otter Keeper suggested we mark some household objects out of 10 to pass the time and keep calm. We did this and it was actually quite fun although Teddy’s scores were all over the place – he really was just too excited about being dressed up as a scary Mummy.

Finally it was time to go out into the night and start knocking on people’s doors. I’ve always wanted to do this anyway just to say Hi, but your not supposed to unless it’s Halloween. At each house Otter Keeper would wait at the end of the garden while we knocked at the door. He said it was as a “safety precaution”, but it was really because he was embarrassed because he hadn’t dressed up. He only had himself to blame and I hope he’s learnt his lesson for next year. This also meant he didn’t get any sweets which must have upset him, although he hid it well.

We collected SO many sweets. Luckily Otter Keeper had given us a little orange bucket to keep them all in. Teddy suggested we open a sweetshop but I pointed out that we already had too many other projects going on. He knows full well that we are planning on making a spaceship at the weekend and I’ve had to make a note to talk to Teddy about his time management.

When we got home it was important to share out the sweets. Firstly Teddy had a few types of sweets that I didn’t have and straight away he offered these to me. We also had to give a few to Otter keeper to say thank you for taking us – once again Teddy said he would donate some of his. Teddy was very generous and didn’t have quite as many sweets as me after these deductions, but he didn’t mind. It’s probably for the best anyway as I’ve noticed Teddy has been getting a little fat recently.

Halloween was amazing and I can’t wait until it happens again. The only thing I didn’t understand was when some of the people opened their doors to us they laughed…? They were supposed to be really scared? I approached Otter Keeper with my concerns. He thought about it for a rather long time and then said that sometimes if you are really REALLY scared you do actually laugh. And this made sense because Teddy’s costume was VERY scary. Anyway I must go now as me and Teddy have lots of sweets which all need to be marked out of 10!

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