teddy in the post office

Teddy Is HOME ! ! !

Wonderful wonderful fantastic news, TEDDY IS Back! This is just the best news ever! I’m so happy I just don’t know what to do (actually I did have an idea about having a party but Otter Keeper said no because it’s a weekday)

Anyway, It was still the morning time and Otter Keeper had gone to work. I had settled down to making a new missing Teddy poster and was feeling quite sad (I’ve been sad ever since Teddy went) but at about lunchtime Otter Keeper phoned up with THE BEST NEWS EVER! He had heard from the lady at the post Office, SHE HAD FOUND TEDDY!

After running round the room and lots of sofa bouncing I suddenly realised I needed to speak to Otter Keeper more to know what would happen next. So I returned to the phone. Otter Keeper explained to me that he would come home in his lunchbreak and we would be going to bring Teddy home.

It took forever for lunchtime to come and I was so excited it was hard to control myself, especially in the car on the way there (otter keeper pointed out this was why the booster seat was so useful) I said he was right and the booster seat was great and a most useful purchase. The booster seat genuinely didn’t seem to be as annoying because I was so happy we were going to get teddy!

I always love going to the post office but today it was better than ever. I told everyone I met on the way that we were going to get teddy. Otter keeper said I was just confusing people because normal people can’t understand me (only Otter keeper understands me) and they also wouldn’t know who teddy was. But to be honest I didn’t really mind what was happening because Teddy was back!

When we arrived at the post office I couldn’t see him at first but then otter Keeper lifted me up onto the special Otter platform and the nice post lady pointed to…. TEDDY!!! there he was!!!

Now Teddy is home life can go back to being brilliant and amazing again. The best thing of all is when I offered the post lady my yellow crayon and saved pocket money as the reward she said it was ok and I could keep them! This was fantastic. Ladies that work in the post office are just great and now I want to be a postman a bit more than an astronaut when I grow up. (But this is subject to change because I also quite want to be a professional gardener or a hotel receptionist this week)

I’m so happy teddy is back. I haven’t worked out why he wanted to go to the post office yet, he’s being rather closed about it – but I think he’s just a bit upset because he must have missed me and Otter Keeper lots which would be very distressing for him. At the same time though I am also a little angry with him for going to the post office exploring without me. I will be giving him some special training next week in how to not go exploring without your friends because it can be dangerous. I would never go to the post office without Otter Keeper for example in case a stranger talked to me or we needed to get on a bus (I find these things quite hard by myself) . otter and teddy

Otter Keeper says I must also say thank you for all the kind help and support I got when looking for teddy. Thankyou so much! Teddy is very grateful too and he promises not to go exploring by himself again. I should go now, it’s time for some Teddy interrogation – he has information about the secret inner workings of the post office and I must get it out of him whilst it’s still fresh in his mind.

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