lost teddy poster

Missing Teddy – Please HELP!

Terrible Terrible news, TEDDY IS MISSING! This is just the worst news ever! Last time I saw him was the other week when we were exploring. But then, when it was time to get ready for bed I looked for him as usual…… and he was…GONE!

At first I wasn’t too worried Teddy does have an odd habit of wandering off back to do something in the place where we were last playing together – I tell him off, but he is quite stubborn and keeps doing it. Anyway, when I still couldn’t find teddy the next morning, I started to get worried! What if Kate has trapped him? Or maybe he’s even run away because he doesn’t like me anymore (we had an argument last week when we were marking househould objects out of 10. He said the toaster should be a 6 when it is clearly worthy of a 7 – he’s biased because he burnt his paw – I did tell him not to touch it)

Otter keeper said I was being silly and that I’d just misplaced Teddy. He said when he got home from work we’d have a proper look together. This cheered me up as activities with Otter Keeper are always fun – even if it is on a sad occasion like searching for a missing friend. We looked everywhere that evening but we STILL COULDN’T FIND HIM. I was really very upset that night and although he didn’t seem worried on the outside, I knew Otter keeper was also really really sad and missing Teddy lots on the inside – maybe even more than me). Otter Keeper and Teddy are a bit like that, they find it hard to show their feelings for each other sometimes.

where is teddy

I was desperate to do something to help find teddy so Otter keeper helped me make a little sign, so that if anyone finds teddy they will return him to me. Otter Keeper also suggested I offer a reward for Teddy’s safe return. This was quite hard because it meant giving up some favorite Otter things. After thinking long and hard about how much I love teddy I offered my yellow crayon (my second favorite colour) some sweets and even a large sum of my pocket money I’ve been saving. £1.72 is a lot of money so teddy had better appreciate it. I will probably make him pay it back to me actually.

I’ve put the poster up in our window – and hopefully everyone will see it. The postman was very nice (Otter Keeper let me show him the poster) he said he’d keep an eye out for teddy whilst he delivers all his post, I was very grateful – I do really like the postman – he’s a good friend.

I should go now , I’m keeping a watch at the window just in case teddy has got outside somehow (or in-case I see Kate leaving her house with a suspicious teddy shaped parcel) – I’m also trying to wave at people walking past, to point at the poster. Sadly they don’t usually see me because I’m quite small, and we have an annoying garden in the way.

I really hope he comes back soon. I miss him so much. Exploring is just no fun without him there, and I keep thinking of him all lonely and trapped in kate’s horrible house.. it’s times like this that I think back to the time when me and teddy requested mobile phones, Otter Keeper said no. If he’d just let us this would never have happened (I could phone Teddy to find out where he is – or where he is trapped). If you look at it this way the whole thing is actually Otter Keeper’s fault really. I put this theory to otter keeper but he just said that in Teddy’s absence I was having to resort to blaming things that went wrong on him instead of Teddy! He’s just being mean because he’s worried about Teddy, I understand.

teddy trap

If you can please spread the word about Teddy’s disappearance, or if you see Teddy, do get in touch – he can be quite shy so probably won’t respond if you call to him. If you have any trouble I suggest you tie him to you with a string and then come and find me and Otter keeper as soon as possible.

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