The other day we had some fantastic news! Otter Keeper is going over to America to launch our new book! He’s going to do a book signing at a very important bookshop in New York, and then he’s traveling around schools in 5 different cities, telling kids all about me.

There is only one huge problem with this great news, which Teddy and I only discovered after we had packed all our important things for the trip. The problem: Otter Keeper says we can’t come!

Yes, you did hear correctly. Me and Teddy are to ‘stay and look after the house’. This is extremely silly for many obvious reasons. Firstly, it is quite likely that, left to his own devices, Teddy will make a huge mess around the house. And secondly, it’s just really, REALLY unfair! I don’t believe Otter Keeper when he says that looking after the house is an important job — it’s not and he knows it!

Teddy and I have tried hiding Otter Keeper’s slippers, making protest signs, and even going to America before him (this didn’t work, but we did stand by the front door and look very serious). It appears nothing will work. We are considering our options, but have to be careful. Otter Keeper did mention a ‘babysitter’, and I don’t want him to do anything silly.

If you did want to see Otter Keeper (I can’t see why anyone would want to meet him, because he’s so mean) he will be at Books Of Wonder in NYC at 2PM on Sunday, April 27th. If you do go, please feel free to send me pictures of you throwing things at him and telling him off for not bringing me.

Finally, if I can’t get him to change his mind, I wanted to let everyone know that Teddy and I will be having a huge party at our house. We’re still working out the details, but basically we’d like everyone to come round, make a mess, and spill juice on the carpet. I’m also going do lots of crayon practice so I can sign books myself. Please contact me or Teddy if you are interested.