It’s my Otter birthday (finally!)

It doesn’t seem quite real … but it is .. it’s my birthday at last. This is the second birthday I’ve had now and I think this one is even better than the first. I just can’t believe it’s finally arrived, the suspense had got to critical levels – me and Teddy had to spend a majority of yesterday going under the sofa pillow to remain calm.

I’ve got so many presents, but most importantly I got to open the BIG Present. Did anyone guess it? I got my very own car!! (I think otters often get cars on their second birthday). It’s just about the best present ever and Otter Keeper got me the one which I saw in the showroom (the early learning centre) last month.

My first Otter car

I’ve wanted a proper car for ages. Me and Teddy often need to get to places around the house and we really need the increased independence. The car does need a few modifications, it has no sound system, but Teddy seems to think we could do something with the cassette player and the sellotape. we also need a satellite navigation system like Otter Keeper has in the big car, but he says you don’t really need one of these when you only drive round a house.

Otter Keeper also says I can’t drive my car on the real road (which means I can’t drive him to the shops – his loss). I’m not taking too much notice of this, he’s probably just a bit excitable on this amazing day. And what an amazing day it is. Otter Keeper said he has a special Birthday party planned for me later. I’m worried we might not be able to fit everything in. Surely it would be sensible to span otter birthdays over 2 days?

Actually I really should get going, there are so many other birthday activities that need to be done, and I need to go and pick up the car. we skidded off the road in the hallway (a notoriously busy junction where the stairs intersect with the bathroom). We had to call in Otter Keeper assistance, I think he will have sorted it out now and the car should be ready for pick up!

Thank you so very much for reading my stories for another year, and for all the comments and support. It makes me and Otter Keeper VERY happy, it makes Teddy happy too .. but as we all know it’s hard to tell with him. You wouldn’t even guess it’s my birthday if you were to look at him right now. At least he’s made an effort by wearing his special birthday hat. He is a very good friend really.. But I think I will NEED that satellite navigation. I’ve got a very bad feeling that Teddy is going to be terrible at map reading.

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