No.3 The Playstation 3 (9 out of 10)

When I told Otter Keeper that the Playstation 3 was my next favourite household object he gave me “the look”. He said no-one would want to hear about the Playstation 3 and it’s not a good thing that I play it. But it’s ok because Otter Keeper is wrong.

Otter playing on the playstation 3

In reality the Playstation 3 is actually only a problem for Teddy. This is because he spends too much time watching us play it when he should be in the other room doing activities young teddies should do. As a result Teddy doesn’t get enough exercise and that’s another reason he’s getting a bit fat. It’s also meant to improve his reaction skills and this hasn’t happened either. Teddy’s reaction skills are terrible. I’m still waiting for him to react to most of the things that happened last week.

If you’re not very good at games (like Teddy) you get the game over screen. This is a sad time because it means you have to start over again. Sometimes when I offer Otter Keeper advice on how to play the game but at the wrong time, we get the game over screen more than usual. When this happens I get into trouble.

So when Otter Keeper is playing I try to keep really quiet and concentrate on picking up tips instead (But I do still like to whisper to Teddy about where Otter Keeper is going wrong). Unfortunately It’s really hard to keep quiet when your watching the Playstation 3 because it’s so exciting. And this is why it has achieved a 9 out of 10!


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