best otter ride ever

The best magical Otter ride EVER!

Today me, Otter Keeper and Teddy went shopping. As you know I love shopping, however this trip was even more special because we found something really really amazing!

We’d been shopping for a while and it was almost time to go back home when, all of a sudden out of the blue we came across a magical otter ride! It was the best ride ever because it allows otters to bounce higher than they ever have before (even higher than on a really bouncy sofa). I don’t really need to point out how amazing that is. I begged Otter Keeper to let me have a go and I was really happy because he said I could.

Unfortunately Otter Keeper said that Teddy couldn’t really go on the ride but Teddy said he understood and wanted me to go on the ride and enjoy it, I agreed and suggested he search the nearby area for treasure because that’s always a fun thing to do.

The ride was just fantastic. I bounced REALLY high, even higher than Otter Keeper and he’s quite tall. it was just SO amazing. Everything was going really really well….. and then I noticed that Otter keeper was saying it was time to go.

This was obviously quite unreasonable of Otter Keeper, so I decided to keep bouncing and ignore him. He got angry and said if I didn’t get down he’d fetch the man who owned the magical Otter ride and get him to tell me off. This really annoyed me because he knows I hate it when he gets other people involved. I changed tactics and explained how important it was that you let otters stay on a ride like this for at least several hours and ideally the rest of the day due to the bouncing potential.

This should have done the trick but evidently Otter Keeper was in a particularly mean mood. In desperation I tried bouncing again hoping he’d find something else to do, but all that happened then was that he pretended to go and get the man and I only managed to call him back just in time. I had to get down, there was no other option because it can be really scary getting told off by someone you don’t know.

I was really annoyed with Otter Keeper Teddy said he was really angry too. He said it was Otter Keeper being mean as usual and we shouldn’t talk to him for ages to teach him a lesson. This clearly had something to do with the fact that Otter Keeper must have been jealous of how high I could bounce – this is no excuse because he could have quite easily come on the ride with me!

This evening me and teddy are still annoyed with Otter Keeper. We are drawing a picture of someone having loads and loads of fun on a magical ride, and then being made to go home by their really unfriendly and mean friend – we’re going to leave it on the sofa where he will find it, then hopefully he will realise the magnitude of what he’s done.

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