Being A secret agent.

Top secret Otter agent

This week I found something really great to do.. be a Secret Agent. Me and Otter Keeper watched a film all about very good Secret Agent called James this weekend. It was a great film and afterwards I decided it would probably be best for me to become a secret agent too.

Not just anyone can be a Secret Agent. You need to be really good at things, like disguises and hiding. Luckily Otter Keeper says I’m brilliant at both these things. Sometimes he is right about things. He also lent me some important items of disguise. So all in all he’s doing quite well at the moment. Actually If I were marking household objects out of 10 now and he was a household object, I’d give him a 9.5 (which is right up there with the Playstation3 or the spatula)

Teddy (although very talented at lots of things) is not cut out to be a Secret Agent, he’s going to stay in the other room and make inventions for me to use on important missions. I’m not so sure he will be able to do this without me, but as Otter Keeper says, it’s important to encourage Teddy.

Actually I probably shouldn’t have told you I’m a secret agent as this will make being secret harder. If anyone asks you about us just say me and Teddy are running the Toasting Consultancy Business as usual and everything is normal. I really should go…. thank you.. bye bye.. shshhhhhhh