Day 2: The Big Chair, & Why Mondays Are Rubbish

Today is Monday! I usually try to avoid Mondays, but if you’re keeping a diary every day, this is quite hard. Mondays usually happen about once a week, right at the beginning. I hate Mondays. They are actually the worst day you can get ever! If you imagine the complete 100% opposite of a Friday, then you get a Monday.

But, the very worstest thing about Mondays is that Otter Keeper goes back to work. Going to work ruins everyone’s fun, and it is a very selfish thing to do. Most Mondays are the same: Otter Keeper leaves for work, we wave goodbye and call him selfish from the window, and then we go to sit on the big chair in the back room.

Sitting On Sofa

The big chair is a brilliant place to go if you want to do thinking. On Mondays I will usually think about my ‘to do list’. This list is very important for otters because it tells them what the Otter from yesterday thought the Otter from today should probably do.

Things on the list written in red crayon are important, things in green are not important and things in other colours are just in other colours to look pretty. I also have an awful lot of things written in orange, but this is because I love orange. I have no idea how important they are.

On my list at the moment I only have one thing written in red. It is also underlined and has arrows pointing to it. It is the most important thing ever and it’s a long story, so I’ll tell you about it later.

Today we actually didn’t do anything on my list because I had a new idea. This happens sometimes and isn’t my fault because Otter Keeper says I’m ‘creative’. If you’re a creative otter AND you sit on the big chair, then you will probably have ideas because of your brain. You can’t help it.
So we spent the rest of the day designing posters and discussing how the TV works.

Otter Signature