Staying UpΒ All Night

staying awake all night

This week we watched a programme about a man that set himself a challenge to do a really long walk in the Antartic. The man got very cold because there was LOTS of snow (this is probably because someone had left a very big freezer door open and let all the snow escape (freezers are where snow comes from). But anyway me and Teddy decided we wanted to do a challenge and we had an exellent idea for what we would challenge… Bedtime! Me and Teddy are going to stay up ALL NIGHT.

Staying up all night is apparently really hard. Otter Keeper explained to me that in his opinion Otters (and Teddy’s) aren’t really designed to stay up all night. I politely pointed out to Otter Keeper that with the right training anything is possible. He laughed (he sometimes does this when i’m right about things)

What follows is a step by step account (the highs and the lows) of mine and Teddy’s epic journey.

6.31 We’re making preparations and gathering the last of the supplies. We are however missing a wafer bar. Teddy says he hasn’t eaten it but I’m not so sure. I don’t know if Teddy appreciates the magnitude of what we are about to do. He had better start taking this seriously.

8.30 We are now approaching usual bedtime. Everything is going well, both me and Teddy are in high spirits.

9.00 Otter Keeper says it’s now half an hour past our bedtime. Our training and preperation must be paying off because everything feels normal (it’s just been going on a bit longer than usual?)

9.38 Teddy says he’s starting to feel tired. I’ve given him some juice and now he’s wide awake.

10.04 It’s getting really quite late. Otter Keeper has been explaining to us just how long the nightime is. Teddy is finding it hard to deal with.

10.45 After refusing the challenge himself Otter Keeper has now gone to bed. The true nature of the task at hand is now sinking in. Otter Keeper has let us keep the light on which was kind of him – we miss him quite a lot already actually.

11.03 Teddy wants to go to sleep….. I’ve made him eat a wafer bar…

11.15 It’s very quiet here in the living room at this time, me and Teddy have been talking about how we are probably the first Otter or Teddy to have ever been up this late before. That is quite a special feeling. It feels good to be doing something important (like the man did on TV).

11.20 Teddy is having problems .. he’s being grumpy and keeps mumbling about going to to bed. I’m singing to him to keep up moral.

11.21 Feeding Teddy wafer bars as fast as possible, this makes it harder for him to talk about going to bed.

11.22 I’ve given Teddy the blanket to keep him warm. We’re both thinking about Otter Keeper lots.

11.25 It appears Teddy is asleep.

11.26 It’s very hard to stay awake.

11.28 I think it’s almost morning…it can’t be much longer now.

11.29 I’ve never noticed how soft Teddy is when you lay on… him …..