No.2 The Toaster (9.5 out of 10)

I Love the toaster, it got 9.5 out of 10, and for a very good reason. One evening not so long ago, Otter Keeper said I was allowed to cook him dinner using the toaster! This was brilliant fun but the most important thing of all was he said it was the “best toast he had ever had!” It was at this point that I realised I had a real talent for cooking toast.

the toaster

Nowadays whenever it’s time to have toast I get to be in charge of the toaster and press the button at exactly the right time (Teddy helps too as he’s the sous chef). We’ve got really good at making toast and it’s great to be really good at something. Me and Teddy take our position very seriously and are very careful to not let standards slip.

Otter Keeper says we are so good at making toast that we should open a special restaurant where we just serve toast (and I’m 98.3% sure he’s serious!). He says “people will come for miles around to have our toast”. This is a great thought but I think Otter Keeper may be getting a bit too excited and I don’t want him to be disappointed. A mile is a very long way after all. We once walked a whole mile and I got very tired.

Anyway, tomorrow will be my number one favourite household object of the week. This is really exciting, almost as exciting as the fact that it’s my Otter birthday in 2 and a half days now! …I must go …. Me and Teddy need to go and be….. really REALLY excited!

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