Teddy getting fat

Wow, me and Teddy just had one of the best weekends EVER! That’s because this weekend was Easter weekend. Easter weekend would probably get a very commendable 9.2 out of 10 (because it’s not as good as Otter birthdays or Christmas but clearly beats Pancake day)

On Easter day everyone gets chocolate eggs that are delivered by a rabbit. This is actually quite a strange thing to happen, but if a strange thing is also a good thing (and it gives you chocolate) – it’s usually best not to question why it happens because it gets confusing.

It’s like trying to understand magnets. No one can actually understand magnets (not even Otter Keeper) but you have to accept that they are great and just play with them anyway!

All the chocolate eggs are fantastic, however there is one very big (and getting even bigger) problem with Easter. And that is Teddy. You see Teddy loves chocolate and when me and Otter Keeper are not looking he eats it at an alarming rate!

(I know he does this because I can’t possibly have eaten so many of my Easter eggs so far all by myself)

easter egg In an effort to help Teddy with his problem I have clearly labelled the Easter eggs to show him what will happen if he eats too many.

He needs to realise the negative effect his increased size would have upon our exploration missions around the house. What if he becomes too big to fit under the sofa? or hide under pillows?

Think about it Teddy.. do you really want that? really? (…no…I didn’t think so)

Otter Keeper has gone back to work today leaving only me to protect the Easter eggs from Teddy.Due to Teddy’s insatiable desire for chocolate this is an extremely hard job for just one person (clearly Otter Keeper is not taking Teddy’s problem seriously)

INFACT Otter Keeper is under some silly delusion that it is not Teddy at all that is eating the eggs… he says it’s me and that I’m just blaming it on Teddy!!

Sometimes Otter Keeper is like a magnet too… it’s just impossible to understand why they do the things they do.