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Otter stories

The best Otter stories on the internet ever!

This page is where you can find all of my online Otter stories! There are actually quite a few, so please take as long as you want to read them (don’t worry – I’m still a very slow reader too). I really hope you like my stories, and If you have a favourite please do let me know!

If you are looking for the stories in my books then you might want to visit my Otter books page

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This has been the best week EVER, and the reason for this is simple... SNOW! Not many people know where snow comes from, but me and Teddy do. It comes ...Read more

It’s my Otter Birthday!

It's my Otter birthday (finally!) It doesn't seem quite real ... but it is .. it's my birthday at last. This is the second birthday I've had now and I ...Read more


Halloween is the best thing Ever! Halloween is just AMAZING! I didn't even know about it until last week when Otter Keeper explained it to me. On Halloween you get ...Read more

the hoover

The Hoover Last week Me and Teddy found out that hoovers are actually the worst thing EVER! A hoover is a bit like a pet. Otter Keeper will take it ...Read more

My New Otter Band

Otter Band!! best thing EVER!! Last week me and Teddy formed a band, and it's the best band EVER! Being in a band is a really great thing to do. ...Read more

Why I love rain

Why I Love Rain Rain actually is the best thing EVER! This is mainly because it's so much fun but rain is also important for other reasons too, like ...Read more

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