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Otter stories

The best Otter stories on the internet ever!

This page is where you can find all of my online Otter stories! There are actually quite a few, so please take as long as you want to read them (don’t worry – I’m still a very slow reader too). I really hope you like my stories, and If you have a favourite please do let me know!

If you are looking for the stories in my books then you might want to visit my Otter books page

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Otter Bath Time

Otter Bath Time Today I want to tell you about bath time. The reason for this is that baths are fantastic! Not all people have baths (some ...Read more

Where I Came From…

Recently lots of people have been asking me where I came from. I've tried to answer, but Otter Keeper says they don't mean which room I just came from (usually ...Read more

Best Christmas Plan Ever!

Unless you've been very busy recently or been watching something really good on TV, you'll probably know it's Christmas day tomorrow. This is obviously the best news ever and it ...Read more

Inventing A New Colour

Inventing A New Colour One of the things I am best at is definitely colouring in. I know this because Otter Keeper is always really impressed whenever I show ...Read more

Staying up ALL NIGHT!

Staying UpĀ All Night This week we watched a programme about a man that set himself a challenge to do a really long walk in the Antartic. The man got ...Read more

A New Friend

This week I made a new friend, his name is Monty... Monty is a moth. If you've never met a Moth before they are really great, they're a bit like ...Read more

Teddy’s Easter Problem

Wow, me and Teddy just had one of the best weekends EVER! That's because this weekend was Easter weekend. Easter weekend would probably get a very commendable 9.2 out of ...Read more

Being A Secret Agent

Being A secret agent. This week I found something really great to do.. be a Secret Agent. Me and Otter Keeper watched a film all about very good Secret ...Read more

The Toast Tutorial

How to cook the best toast EVER! This is a VERY important Otter story! After much skilful nagging from me and Teddy, Otter Keeper has finally helped us make the ...Read more

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