Sometimes people (Otter Keeper) can be really mean

The best magical Otter ride EVER! Today me, Otter Keeper and Teddy went shopping. As you know I love shopping, however this trip was even more special because we found something really really amazing! We'd been shopping for a while and it was almost time to go back home when, all of a sudden out ...Read more

Unexpected Otter in the bagging area

Yesterday was super exciting! I thought it was just going to be a normal evening, but then Otter Keeper announced we were going 'late night shopping'. After a brief question and answer session with Otter Keeper, Teddy and I worked out that late night shopping was just like normal shopping (which I love), but closer to bedtime.

Shopping Tragedy

Shopping Tragedy! Shopping is really really fun. Quite often we go shopping on the first day of the weekend, which I'm pretty sure is a Saturday. I have to wear my harness which gets annoying but Otter Keeper says I get too excited? I love to talk to all the people, they can't hear me ...Read more

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