‘Unexpected Otter In The Bagging Area’

Otter In The Supermarket

Yesterday was super exciting! I thought it was just going to be a normal evening, but then Otter Keeper announced we were going ‘late night shopping’. After a brief question and answer session with Otter Keeper, Teddy and I worked out that late night shopping was just like normal shopping (which I love), but closer to bedtime.

We did our late night shopping in the Supermarket, and it’s a really great place, that’s why it’s called the ‘Super’ market. There are lots of wonderful exciting things to buy and some of them are at just the right height for an otter to reach. I had a great time walking round the supermarket but apparently I was causing too much mischief (shelf climbing is so much fun), so I got strapped into the special otter seat on the big basket with wheels. It was a bit like my booster seat in the car, but I was able to use my new vantage point to select special items I may not have seen otherwise, so it wasn’t all that bad.

Unidentified Otter In The Bagging Area

When it’s time to go home from the supermarket you have to put all the food in bags at a special machine. This was the best bit of all because Otter Keeper let me help (for a while). A lady lives somewhere inside the machine and she talks to you. I know this because she talked to me and said I was an “unexpected Item in the bagging area”.

The lady is a bit silly, I explained to her who I was (Otter), but she just kept saying the same thing, I think this is because we are not quite friends yet and she wasn’t expecting visitors. This won’t be a problem next time because I will ask Otter Keeper to tell her that we’re coming in advance. It’s only polite after all.

I very much enjoyed my late night shopping trip, and the best thing is that Otter Keeper got me a special thing called a ‘customer feedback form’Β . It’s basically a special letter (just for otters I think) that you use to write to the supermarket people to tell them what a good time you had in their supermarket and how much you really REALLY love it. I’m filling this in tonight, and I can’t wait! I am also giving Teddy a special lesson in supermarkets – he needs to be brought up to speed on how great they actually are, and I feel it’s also important for him to know where food actually comes from in the real world. Unfortunately he couldn’t come on the trip as he had to stay behind to guard a picture I’ve drawn with my new crayons (it’s a really good one and I thought Kate might try and steal it).

Otter Signature