Shopping Tragedy!

Shopping is really really fun. Quite often we go shopping on the first day of the weekend, which I’m pretty sure is a Saturday. I have to wear my harness which gets annoying but Otter Keeper says I get too excited? I love to talk to all the people, they can’t hear me because I’m an otter, but this doesn’t bother me really.

However, shopping is also a bit annoying because Otter Keeper can be really mean! Sometimes he won’t let me buy things! I’ve explained to him many times that I NEED certain things and it’s REALLY IMPORTANT that he gets them for me. On our most recent shopping trip he was particularly extra mean.

Otter Shopping Tragedy

Being an Otter I need lots of things: I need Otter Feed, I need Otter Keeper, I also need free toys from cereal packets etc. But one of the most important things an otter needs is a Hannah Montana poster for their wall! Whilst shopping I found a wonderful poster, it was perfect in every way imaginable. But guess what (and I still find this really hard to believe because the poster was REALLY good), Otter Keeper wouldn’t buy it for me! Yes, you did read that correctly. He said no. Everyone just had to go home without a Hannah Montana poster!

The incident happened a few days ago now,  but I’m still super angry with him. How would he like it if he wasn’t allowed to buy things he needed? He left for work about ten minutes ago, and although I miss him, I think I’m definitely about to go and hide his slippers. This will teach him a lesson, and if he takes me back to the shops to buy the poster I might release the slippers unharmed.

I still don’t really understand. Why would anyone be so mean? Did Hannah Montana do something to make him angry? Surely he understands why we needed this poster, it’s amazing! It’s not even like it’s just for me, he can look at it too!

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